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1) Develop objectives, policies and programs to co-ordinate and manage the sales and marketing effort of the corporation
2) Maintain and constantly improve the corporation's competitive position in the marketplace
3) Ensure maximum sales volume at minimum cost in order to reach optimum profit levels
4) Direct the marketing analysis, management and planning of all the company's products, and the introduction of new products
5) Work with managers of various departments to ensure that sales are up to budget
6) Ensure that distributors and representatives are fully trained and informed regarding products and have access to adequate information and samples necessary to sell said products
7) Make product pricing decisions based on standard cost, machine time, volume, customer, etc.
8) Ensure that information is furnished to internal departments as necessary to control inventory levels and maintain stock to service customers
9) Ensure that price levels are reviewed and maintained in a fair and equitable manner
10) Maintain as much field contact as possible to be knowledgeable of our marketplace
11) Ensure that products are marketed and new products are introduced in accordance with planned objectives and within company policies to obtain maximum profitability and obtain preset standards of accomplishment
12) Continually monitor market to determine to extent possible market size and market penetration of company's products
13) Continually evaluate the timely adjustment of marketing strategy and plan to meet changing markets and competitive conditions
14) Recommend changes in marketing philosophy and policy which serve in the best interest of the company
15) Establish and maintain communication and provide marketing advice and guidance to all operating units to ensure that overall marketing effectiveness is equal to or better than competition
16) Direct all new product and new market development
17) Co-ordinate sales and marketing to develop pricing policies and term to enhance competitive positioning and profitability
18) Recommend and monitor new product opportunities for research and development
19) Oversee execution of product/market development through supervision of the product development staff from the sales marketing standpoint and ensure continual co-operation and close relationship with research and development on projects
20) Monitor quality and service performance
21) Direct and develop all product advertising
22) Monitor participation in trade shows, exhibits, etc. and ensure accurate reporting of costs of participation
23) Oversee development of presentations, booths, samples, etc. for all such shows
24) Participate in shows to extent possible
25) Recommend modifications to existing products to improve performance, increase sales and increase profitability as indicated by market analysis, and research
26) Oversee development of annual budget for all sales, marketing and related areas
27) Co-ordinate development of budget with other corporate areas while developing broad, long range goals and strategies
28) Develop sales compensation programs and incentive programs to achieve or exceed divisional goals
29) Oversee and direct execution of sales and marketing plans/programs through supervision of the sales and marketing staff
30) Assist in development of sales training and marketing aids, literature and brochures, catalogs displaying advertising and similar materials, price lists, technical instructions, and sales promotion projects
31) Co-ordinate development of product packaging with sales and manufacturing to determine most feasible and cost effective methods
32) Directly supervise/manage 6 employees in the Sales Department
33) Manage interview, hire and train employees
34) Plan, assign and direct work, appraise performance, reward and discipline employees, addressing complaints, and resolve problems
35) Perform other functions as assigned by the President


  • 1) University degree is required (preference will be given to those with degree in relevant field, though all candidates are welcome and encouraged to apply)
    2) Appropriate full-time work experience is mandatory (no students or fresh graduates please)
    3) Recent experience in the packaged food industry is strongly preferred
    4) Preference will be given to people have recent experience in sales and marketing management


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Director / VP
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A superb base salary and bonus structure are available; compensation is commensurate with experience and will be discussed with qualified candidates only.