We have hired a Director of Sales that applied through MyFoodRecruiter, which is terrific! Many thanks!

Meg Whitlock, VP of Sales, Vanns Spices Ltd.

I was very pleased with the service from MyFoodRecruiter.com. The hire that we made for a Director of Quality Assurance could not have gone any better. Since our placement, we were able to score in the mid 90's on our most recent 3rd party audit. We are very pleased with the outcome and look forward to doing business for a long time to come.

Adam Licht, CEO, Scandia Seafood

Thank you for all your help; we did hire someone from MyFoodRecruiter. And we're very happy.

Lorraine Westmoreland, Advanced Food Systems, Inc.

MyFoodRecruiter.com continues to be an effective hiring tool for our company's pursuit of experienced Food & Beverage professionals. The site is clear, comprehensive and easy to use. We have been able to quickly fill open positions with candidates using this service on more than one occasion. I highly recommend MyFoodRecruiter.com if you're looking for industry specific professionals and excellent customer service.

Liz Dee, Vice President & Co-Owner, Ce De Candy, Inc.

We have been using MyFoodRecruiter.com for the last 3 years for both our Canadian and US locations. The response has resulted in many suitable candidates. I would recommend MyFoodRecruiter.com to other companies as an effective recruiting tool.

Susanne Jones, Vice President, WIBERG Corporation
WIBERG Corporation

My experience with MyFoodRecruiter has been very positive. We have received resumes from qualified candidates for the majority of the jobs that we have posted I will definitely recommend the site to other companies.

Erica Murillo, HR Business Partner, Wenner Bread Products
Wenner Bread Products

We have received many qualified candidates through MyFoodRecruiter.com and even more importantly have successfully added a candidate from this service to our company. The site was easy to use and we had many local prospects soon after the listing was published. They will continue to be a key part of our recruitment activities.

Susan Coleman, Director Sales Food and Pharmaceutical, Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc.
Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc.

We are very pleased with the results we have seen, and with the superb customer service we've received. We would highly recommend MyFoodRecruiter.com to other companies seeking a niche job board for the Food and Hospitality Industry.

Lauren Brown, Manager, Recruiting Programs, Gate Gourmet, Inc.
Gate Gourmet Jobs Careers Employment

My experience with MyFoodRecruiter has been very positive. MyFoodRecruiter.com is easy to navigate and I recommend MyFoodRecruiter.com as a recruiting tool not only for their effectiveness but for their customer support.

Mary Smith, HR Manager, Vita Food Products
Vita Food Products Jobs Careers Employment

MyFoodRecruiter.com has been a very effective hiring tool for all of my CPG recruiting needs. I received many resumes from potential candidates who had the CPG experience I was looking for and was able to fill my vacancies quickly. I highly recommend MyFoodRecruiter.com for their fast and courteous customer service and if you're looking for industry specific professionals.

Kim Greenland, Human Resources, E.D. Smith Foods, Ltd.
E.D. Smith Foods, Ltd. Jobs Careers Employment

We liked this service and will definitely consider it in our future recruiting needs. It was easy to use and appreciated that many users could access the account.

Kristen Bradshaw, Human Resources, King Nut Companies
King Nut Companies Jobs Careers Employment

After searching for a professional in the traditional job postings websites without any luck, we were enthusiastic to finally find a service tailored to the needs of the food sector. We were able to find the professional profile we needed, also thanks to the tireless effort of our account manager. Finally an online service that really does care about the needs of its clients where people are really willing to help! We are very happy with MyFoodRecruiter.com!

Giulia Angoscini, Management Resources of America
Management Resources of America Jobs Careers Employment

Our experience with MyFoodRecruiter.com to date has been very beneficial in our initial year. We have been able to source several outstanding candidates including a local Plant Manager at one of our facilities. All of our postings received a significant number of views by potential job applicants. We have received resumes from qualified candidates for the majority of the jobs that we have posted. With the initial success that we have had with MyFoodRecruiter.com we are considering renewing our account for another year.

Jim Uttech, Vice President - Human Resources, Seneca Foods Corp
Seneca Food Corp Jobs Careers Employment

MyFoodRecruiter.com was very helpful in our search to find Food & Beverage industry professionals. Our postings got good exposure and a lot of qualified applications from candidates with relevant experiences. So we were happy to renew our account with them. Friendly customer care was another factor in their favor that made us go with them.

Jenny Turcios, Big Geyser
Big Geyser Beverage Industry Jobs Careers Employment

MyFoodRecruiter has a great pool of talent and I know when I post a position I will have many qualified applicants to pick from – it has helped our recruiting efforts for top talent and given us better exposure. I would highly recommend their services and they have great customer service.

Gigi Curran, Director of Human Resources, Labriola Baking Company/Labriola Café
Labriola Baking Company/Labriola Café Food Industry Jobs Careers Employment

When looking for a job board with a suitable pool of Food & Beverage candidates, MyFoodRecruiter.com has stood out from the rest. From the outset, their professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, and the all important database of candidates has impressed me. MyFoodRecruiter.com is definitely a job board that I recommend if you have any position to fill in the Food/Beverage/CPG industry. It has been a great pleasure to work with MyFoodRecruiter.com and I look forward to continued relationship with them.

Yuri Minnick, Talent ARC LLC
Talent ARC LLC @ KELLOG COMPANY Food Industry Jobs Careers Employment

MyFoodRecruiter was an enormous help to me during my search to find the right candidates to fill our jobs. The search options are both creative and simple at the same time and the customer care is always friendly and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate recommending MyFoodRecruiter's services to anyone.

Chester Kelley, Human Resources, Sabra Dipping Company, LLC

MyFoodRecruiter was a great resource for sourcing candidates as part of our hiring process. The customer service team was quick to respond and helped us target and distribute our postings to maximize the number of qualified applicants we received. The in-depth search capability was also a great tool to quickly identify candidates for our positions. I fully recommend MyFoodRecruiter as a tool for anyone looking to improve their hiring results in the food & beverage industry.

Seth Flowerman, Business Development, P.L. Thomas & Co., Inc.

I am very pleased with the results of using MyFoodRecruiter... It was amazing to me how many sales results I got with the ad placement... Bottom line, I have some resumes to work with and I will use your service again.

Anne Kramer, Human Resources, Magnum Coffee Roastery

I found MyFoodRecruiter.com to be very helpful in my search to find Food & Beverage industry professionals. Their service offers in-depth searching capabilities that allowed me to quickly find qualified candidates local to our company. The search results were presented in a manner that made it very easy to identify specific skill sets, which helped to save a lot of time when reviewing resumes. On top of this, they also have excellent customer service and are more than happy to assist you with your search however they can. I highly recommend the service.

John Dahms, President, Progressive Food Marketers

It was a great experience using MyFoodRecruiter.com. Our postings garnered a lot of qualified applicants, and I was impressed with the great customer support to help out with our searches. I have no hesitations about using your service again when we are hiring and strongly recommend MyFoodRecruiter.com to anyone who is looking for food and beverage industry specific candidates.

Elaine Annos, Human Resources, SDIX

MyFoodRecruiter turned out to be right tool for our recruiting needs. We were able to garner a lot of qualified applicants for our posted positions. We whole heartily recommend them to all colleagues and associates as the "full package deal" - a large database of high caliber food & beverage candidates and a customer care service that is always ready to help you with your search.

Alice L. Boettner, Human Resources, Webber/Smith Associates, Inc.

Partial List of Clients

MyFoodRecruiter.com in the News

Talent Arc gets hiring done fast with MyFoodRecruiter.com

When Talent Arc, a Midwest based talent acquisition firm, acquired one of the leading food manufacturers in North America as a client, they knew that they would need help to quickly find all the great candidates necessary to fill the onslaught of job openings they were dealing with.

Generic job boards wouldn't cut it - too many irrelevant candidates - and sharing placements with another firm was not an option. To get these food jobs filled, Talent Arc needed an affordable niche service that specialized in careers in the food and beverage industry. Which is why they turned to MyFoodRecruiter.com

More than just a food job board, Talent Arc was able to post their jobs, search the resume database for great candidates and use the Direct Hit feature to quickly connect with strong food professionals. Plus, they were able to save time and get word out about their food manufacturing jobs to even more people by sharing their posted positions to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn right from the dashboard of their MyFoodRecruiter.com account.

Because of these great features, and the over 450,000 resumes of food and beverage professionals Talent Arc has access to, it's no wonder they have continued to work with MyFoodRecruiter.com for two years running. Finding candidates for great careers in food has never been so easy!

With experienced candidates from all areas of the industry, including Food Processing, Food Safety, Food R&D and even Food Sales and Food Services, MyFoodRecruiter.com is the leading job board for the food and beverage industry. For more information on MyFoodRecruiter.com, visit http://www.myfoodrecruiter.com/helpingyouhire.